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Can i get an No-Men?

Now Gather round My Sistah's on Sistah, and let me profatize, and praize before thee and share the glory of the lord!
He that smiles down upon us, with our astro glide, our holy water, and our holy consecrated dildos!

Let me tell you about the lord, watching from the other room! holding his manhood, !graced! i say !Graced! is the lord in the sparkling golden Nether Regions! Graced as only the son of good could be!

so i call to you! i say to you my sistahs on sistahs of the holy hairy crotch! i say to thee raise thine voices on high! show off they breasts! and lick that clam!!! for JESUS, and yes i will say it again!! JESUS!!! OK, one more time just to be trite! JESUS! is watching you, Jesus is behind that knot hole in your bedroom, and JESUS is holding his ridged staff of god, and blessing the walls with his porcelain dew drops of riotousness!!! can i get an No-Men allowed!? can i get a praize Jesus!?

there. i knew you could do it.
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